Employment Verification

We provide an online solution for Employment Verification. It not only saves time but also helps the employer to cross verify the immediate basic information been shared by the employee. Any employee representing the experience of our company for seeking a job or negotiation of project can be validated through our portal before they could proceed with any leading decision or with the third party background check of candidate profile & employment history with us and other employers if any.

The objective is to avoid fraudulent activiaies by individuals who share false experience or represent themselves as representative of our company. All our employees (Active / Resigned) can be cross checked with the help of their Employee ID and PAN Number. Please make a note, If any details shared by the employee doesn't get listed on the website after the search made by the employer can be deemed to be a fraudulent act under misrepresentation or misuse of the company name or experience.

In other words, representing candidate or an employee is no where associated with our company directly or indirectly as contractual or permanent employment basis until verified through our verification process available on the portal. Such individual is neither our business associate or partner or subsidiary to our company as an

individual or as a group nor linked to us either by way of client or by way of third party referral client. Such representative or candidate selection should be at sole discretion of the interviewing employer however, we request to report or update on such integrity issue to our Risk Unit at riskunit@vowelgroup.in